Design thinking, les attitudes essentielles à adopter

Les attitudes essentielles d'un bon design thinker ?
Les attitudes essentielles d'un bon design thinker ?

Jean-Pierre Leac

I have been working for innovation support programs and business growth for the last 10 years. After graduating from an engineering school, I worked as a project manager in the automotive industry and then created my own consulting company. Being now the innovation and development manager within the regional innovation agency (NFID), I am in charge of the technology transfer policies and cross-border cooperation projects. I am also responsible for several funds promoting innovation projects and start-up creation. それと、日本に情熱を注ぎます。

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  1. P. NEVEU dit :

    In fine l’on peut résumer ainsi le Design Thinking : pratiquer l’observation sur le terrain, déployer une pensée symphonique, cadrer après la phase d’exploration collective, travailler en équipe pluridisciplinaire et pratiquer le « learn by doing ». ( )

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